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I never in my wildest dreams thought that I would be a blogger, or work in communications.

When I was a little girl, I remember I always wanted to “grow up and be a Vet”.

I LOVED animals (still do to this day), and thought that working with them would be the career path for me. Little did I know that you had to do well in hhs and science, which were both my downfalls…It didn’t help that I was just SO uninterested in both of these topics as well!

So my dream of becoming a Vet slowly disappeared.

Back in primary and high school, I wasn’t the most studious of kids – I definitely liked the social aspect of school more than the studying aspect. I did well with my grades (excelled more in English, than in maths and science), but probably not as well with my grades as my parents would have hoped.

When I finished Year 12, instead of opting for a gap year like the majority of my classmates did, I jumped straight into a PR and Arts degree. Initially I was only meant to do the PR degree, but loved Uni SO MUCH so that I added on the Arts degree and extended my time on campus to 4 years.

Throughout my time at Uni I travelled overseas on a student exchange program to Florence, Italy (and had the time of my life). I also interned with Airservices Australia in their events team, and at Polkadot PR. Both of these were invaluable internships for me that really helped develop my skills and passion for communications and digital.

Whilst I was studying, I also worked part time in hospitality at a couple of Canberra café’s and restaurants. Whilst I loved the fast-paced hospitality scene, I knew that it wasn’t the right career path for me. I then dipped into fashion (this was straight after I returned from my trip to Florence), and began working for an online fashion retailer that was based in Canberra. This was a great stepping stone for me as I was immersed in the fashion scene, got to attend Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, and learnt all that I know now about visual merchandising, and online sales. It was here where I slowly started dipping into social media too!

Once I graduated from University, it was time to start my career in communications, and I was very lucky enough to be offered a role with QT Canberra – who I thank to this day for giving me the opportunity to launch my career. I learnt A LOT about media management, public relations, customer service and digital through this role, and it was one that I will always remember as being a career launcher for me.

It was also in this role where I launched my blog properly, and developed the contacts so that I could get myself and my brand out there to Canberra and wider audience.

When it was time for a career change, I stayed on my communications path and jumped into a corporate comms role, which is where I currently work now and love it!

So I guess in a nutshell, that is a background to how I got to where I am now. Throw in a whole lot of hard work, tireless days trying to launch my blog and business off the ground into the mix as well. I absolutely love it all!

Like I said, I never thought this would be the career path for me.

A lot of us are finding ourselves working in fields now that we never thought we would. It’s funny how life plays out doesn’t it? And hardly ever to plan either…

I think education and having the wonderful opportunity to develop our skills further plays a big part in this, which is why I have teamed up with TAFE NSW to showcase their courses.

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TAFE NSW offers nationally-recognised courses for every stage of your career. They’re passionate about applying a hands-on approach to training, and helping each of their students reach their career ambitions.

Who says we can’t suddenly jump ship from one career and try another? If you have a burning passion inside of you – fulfil it and get some further knowledge, skills and qualifications under your belt. With TAFE NSW, the options are endless!

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