You may or may not have noticed that I have a bit quiet on the Instagram and blogging front lately, which is very unlike me for this time of year – my favourite time of year.

The reason for this is that over the New Year period, I went through a really tough personal experience that I’m not ready to talk with you all about just yet.

It was really tough, and it’s only just now as we start to venture into January that I feel comfortable and emotionally well enough to hop back on here and speak to you all.

I started writing this blog post in late December, in the hope that I would share it with you just before New Year began.

However, as circumstances changed, I completely forgot about it until now.

It’s a post reflecting on 2017, and looking towards 2018. Mind you, in the the past week or so my mindset and attitude towards 2018 has completely changed, but I know that I will get through this and soon I will be strong enough to share with you all what’s been happening.

But for now, I’ll leave this with you – my highlights of 2017, and what I’m going to try and focus on and achieve in 2018, which I hope will be my best year yet both personally and professionally.

2017 was a BIG year for me.

It was a year filled with great personal and business achievements, with one of the main highlights being taking the leap into self employment.

I finally decided to make the jump from working in an office environment that just wasn’t meant for me, to working for myself and each day being completely different – and I haven’t looked back since!

In 2017, I placed a strong focus on building up my brand, as well as my relationships and connections with others. I wanted to use the year to really get my name and my purpose out to a wider audience, and so far – I’m really happy with the results.

I also used 2017 to focus on myself a little more as well – setting myself goals to ensure that I exercise regularly, fuel my body well and spend more time with those that I love, and less time on electronic devices. I still have a lot more to work on – but I’m glad that I’ve made a positive start.

A few major 2017 highlights for me included:

MC Opportunities

Especially the opportunity to MC events at the Canberra Centre where I was able to interview and meet incredible influencers and personalities such as Sally Obermeder and her sister Maha Koraiem, as well as makeup genius Max Made.

Being nominated for the Rising Social Star Competition

Earlier in the year I was nominated in the Rising Social Star competition in their Fashion and Lifestyle categories – which was a fantastic experience!

Being nominated meant that I was able to partner and work with some great brands in the lead up to the judging of the competition, and although I didn’t win, it was a fantastic experience.

Getting 200 women into one room to watch the Embrace documentary and raise money for charity

A moment that I don’t think my friend Georgia and I will ever forget – hosting our Embrace documentary screening and selling out 200 tickets!

Being able to share both of our body image and mental health stories to everyone, as well as showcase this powerful film AND raise money for the ACT Eating Disorders Unit, is something I will never forget.

Partnering with some incredible brands and clients

If someone told me at the beginning of the year that in 2017 I would have the opportunity to partner with some empowering and influential brands, I would never have believed them!

In 2017 I had the wonderful opportunity to work with the likes of Canberra Centre, NBN Network, Review Australia, Wagga Marketplace, TAFE NSW, Thoroughbred Park, F45 and so many more, and I look forward to seeing what collaborations this year brings!

Developing my social media management business – Dak & Co

Now that I am 6 months into self employment, I want 2018 to have a strong focus on developing my social media management business, Dak & Co. In 2017, I spent a lot of time forging strong relationships, and doing a lot of behind the scenes work, so this year I am hoping to really turn it into something big!

Completing my Certificate III & IV in Fitness and becoming a Personal Trainer

One of my goals at the beginning of 2017 was to complete my Personal Training course – and I finally did! Mind you, it was a bit touch and go there as I tried to juggle full time work, study and blogging/business work – but I got there in the end, and I am so glad that I did!

I am now able to use my skills to work with people on their own health and fitness goals, which is something I have wanted to do for a very long time.

So, what are my resolutions for 2018?

Spend more time offline

This is a great one for a blogger isn’t it? I bet you’re all thinking how the hell is she going to do that when she intends on stepping up her work for 2018?

What I mean by this resolution is that I am going to dedicate particular hours throughout the week where I completely switch off. I found last year that I was far too obsessed with the online world (Instagram in particular), and never really took enough time out of my day to look UP and see what was around me. On Sunday’s, I want to switch off completely.

Lets see how this one goes…

Spend more time with those that lift me up

This is a really important one for me, and one that I struggled with a little in 2017.

This year, it’s important for me not to waste time with those who drag me down, or who don’t feel like true friends in my life. When I surround myself with good people, I feel good – so really, I want to have this feeling all of the time. Surrounding myself with good, supportive, loving and happy people is definitely very important for me.

Explore more

For some reason I see 2018 as being the year of travel for me – both interstate and overseas.

2017 was the year where I worked, worked and worked. This year, I hope to branch out a little more and start travelling and experiencing other cultures.

Focus on my health

I have forever been a health nut.

Whether its netball, swimming, running, or yoga, I am forever exercising.

For a long time now I have practiced a super healthy way of eating and living, and I intend to keep it that way in 2018.

Spend more time doing what makes me happy

What I mean by this one is that in 2017 I always said YES to anything and everything, even if I didn’t feel like it was the right move for me. This year I intend to pull back on the yes, and not be afraid to say no.

Life is too short to be spending time doing things that make you uneasy or unhappy.

Finally, I want to find some balance this year, between both my personal and professional life – and definitely find more time for me.

What are your goals and resolutions for the 2018?

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