When it comes to daily dressing, I’m all about practicality. Why? Well the majority of my days are spent multitasking, heading from office to meeting, office to photo shoot or office to event, so I love to be able to wear outfits that will fit within my daily activities.

This is why I absolutely LOVE a good structured shirt and a comfortable pair of denim jeans.

If it could be, this would be my every day uniform, and I would never get tired of wearing it!

Recently I received a pair of Bohemian Traders denim jeans that fit right into the comfortable/ practicable category that I look for when sourcing new denim. I’ll admit, at first I wasn’t sure how the old age colour and material would look on me, however as soon as I put them on I was SOLD.

Literally, they feel like I am wearing a pair of tracksuit pants, but look like they are fit for wearing to any sort of event!

These Bohemian Traders Throwback Aged Denim Jeans are the updated version of the “Mum” jean.

They feature a vintage inspired look, mid-rise fit, straight leg, and a raw hemline. Oh, and the comfort factor is 10/10!!

What I love about these jeans is that they are completely different to ones that I would normally choose too.

I opted to pair these jeans with an embroidered shirt from my trusty friend ZARA (she’s a great mate), which was an absolute bargain, and one that I can even get away with wearing in the office too!

The embroidery is a little “in your face” at first, but is a great contrast to the otherwise plain structured shirts that I would normally wear. It also adds a touch of color and creativity to the look too!

The shirt features a shorter front hemline and longer back, which makes it great for styling over a pair of fitted jeans.

Finally, these new Spurr mules are an absolute hoot – and don’t give me blisters which is a win win in my books!

Get the look!

Shirt – ZARA / Jeans– Bohemian Traders (gifted) / Shoes – Spurr / Bag – ZARA / Hat – Lack of Color / Watch – The Horse

Photography by simonarphotography.com