I’ve always had a strong love for reading.

From a young age I remember that each year I would write down in a note book every single book that I had read, and I would try and beat that tally every year after!

It was a way for me to not only record all the books that I read, but to keep myself accountable to making sure that I kept reading too.

Whilst I was studying at University I sadly swapped my usual non fiction, or biographies for text books, and it wasn’t really until mid way through last year that I picked up my love for diving deep into a book again.

I like to read every night before going to bed, as I find that it’s a great way to calm me right before going to sleep. I make a conscious effort to put my phone to the side, and try to read at least 10 pages before I have a quick scroll through Instagram…

But on a serious note, I have found that the nights that I make time read before bed and opt to not spend the last few hours before sleep scrolling on social media, I have had a much better nights sleep and have honestly woken up feeling more rested and calm!

This year, READ MORE BOOKS was at the very top of my resolutions list.

I’ve read a whole heap of books already this year, ranging from self help motivational, to biographies, business building books, as well as good old “get lost in the storyline” books that have you turning the page over and over in a race to find out what happens.

I know that I can often struggle to find a new book to read after I’ve finished another, and find that I am constantly on the look out for “BOOKS YOU MUST READ” blog posts or social media posts, in the hope that I will find the next best book that’s going to change my life.

SO, I decided to put together a post on some of the books that I have really enjoyed recently, in the hope that I can inspire you to pick up a good old fashioned paper back, and put that iPhone down.

‘Everything I Know About Love’ by Dolly Alderton // This is one of those books that I wish I could read over and over again and it be the first time I’ve read it. You know what I mean?

One of those types of books where you just laugh, cry and nod your head over and over! I had seen many people on Instagram posting about how good this book was – and knew that it was something that I needed to get my hands on. There were honestly times where I was doing full belly laughs over this book, and then other times where I was wiping away the tears. This is a book for anyone that has dated, fallen in love, or had their heart broken…

‘How To Break Up With Your Phone’ by Catherine Price // When I purchased this book a couple of weeks ago, I posted an Instagram story of it with the caption “Was this book written for me?”. The amount of friends and family members that responded with a big fat “YES, BUY THAT BOOK STRAIGHT AWAY”, was very concerning. So of course, I bought it and finished it in two days.

It is a small book, but still – I couldn’t put it down as the entire thing was so relevant to me and my life! I know that I use my phone a lot (it is part of what I do for work after all), but I recently become more aware of how much I really do need to tone down the usage, and this book just reconfirmed it for me! Since reading this book, I’ve downloaded various apps that track social media usage on my phone and can block me from using social media at particular times of the day, and have started making a conscious effort to leave my phone at home (shock me) when I’m heading out for a walk or to the shops.

It’s slow steps but I’m hoping they help me make some big changes to my phone usage in the coming months!

‘First We Make The Beast Beautiful’ by Sarah Wilson // I read this book midway through last year and absolutely loved it. To be honest, it can be quite an intense read at times, and I often found myself agreeing so much with what it was talking about that I would have to put it down for a few minutes while I regained my thoughts.

In this book, Sarah Wilson pulls the thread of accepted definitions of anxiety. It’s a book that will encourage the myriad sufferers of the world’s most common mental illness to feel not just better about their condition, but delighted by the possibilities it offers for a fuller, richer life. Whether you yourself suffer from anxiety, you know someone that does, or you just want to learn more about this type of illness; then please read this book and welcome it with open arms – it’ll most definitely change your perspective!

‘The Subtle Art Of Not Giving a F*ck’ by Mark Manson // Either you’ve already read this book and mastered the subtle art of not giving a f*ck, OR you haven’t heard of it and are living under a rock.

For decades, we’ve been told that positive thinking is the key to a happy, rich life. This book is absolutely an antidote to the let’s-all-feel-good mindset that has infected modern society, and it’s also filled with entertaining stories and ruthless humour. A MUST read if you’re at a point in your life where you are really over worrying about what everyone else thinks!

‘Open Wide’ by Melissa Ambrosini // I am yet to finish this book, however I’m already 100 pages in and feeling a very strong connection with it! I’ve followed Melissa Ambrosini for a while on social media and LOVE the positive energy that she shares with everyone.

Melissa is a voice for modern women and in this book she is like a supportive best friend that tells you exactly what you need to hear when it comes to creating authentic connections and experiencing heart-bursting love.

‘What Am I Supposed to Eat’ by Dr Libby Weaver // I have read a few of Dr Libby’s books and have also been to a couple of her seminars, and they really have been life changing!

In this particular book, Dr Libby talks though why the concept of food and eating has become so complicated. She goes into easy-to-read detail about a  comprehensive approach to the science of how our bodies work and how we can best support them nutritionally. This is one of those books where you will want your highlighter right by your side!

‘Daring and Disruptive’ by Lisa Messenger // Lisa Messenger is absolutely a trailblazing entrepreneur and this particular book of hers is an insightful and soulful account of the entrepreneurs roller-coaster ride for those that want to both succeed, but still breathe and enjoy life!

Lisa gives readers a valuable insight into her world. Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur, seasoned game changer or a corporate ladder-climber dreaming of creating your own gig or making positive change from the inside; this book will help you dig deep, stay on purpose, and back yourself.

So there you have it, a few of my favourite reads at the moment. I hope this gets you inspired to get lost in one of these and to put the phone down!