This post was developed in collaboration with Adrift Clothing

I absolutely love and adore my Mum.

She’s my best friend, and one of my biggest supporters.

She knows pretty much everything and anything about what’s going on in my life (whether I like it or not! haha) and has always been someone that I can trust and know will always be there for me.

Being an only child, Mum and I are super close.

But it wasn’t always this way.

Throughout high school Mum and I would bicker and fight like there was no tomorrow. I hated that she wanted to give me guidance and some direction in life (classic teenager), and she hated how stubborn I was.

Thankfully over time, we both developed a strong bond with each other, and I now lean on Mum for constant advice, support and guidance. There’s not a day that goes by that we don’t talk to each other either!

Earlier this month, Mum and I travelled up to the Gold Coast for a family occasion, and also partook in a photo shoot together in collaboration with Australian clothing label – Adrift, which specialises in selling beautiful women’s fashion for all ages, shapes and sizes.

This was the first time Mum and I had have ever done anything like this (and most certainly will not be our last!).

I wanted Mum and I to participate in this photo shoot together, because I wanted to share with you all the beauty of the Adrift Clothing brand, and how it caters for women of all ages, shapes and sizes.

Both Mum and I are regular shoppers at Adrift, as we both love to wear beautiful beach/coastal garments during summer.

Of course, we both have different tastes, and are of different sizes, but the beauty of the Adrift brand is that they cater for every women, no matter their age, shape or size.

For this photoshoot, we chose a couple of outfits that were unique to both of our styles, and we also chose to wear a couple of the same outfits to show how they can be worn and styled for different sizes and body shapes.

Look One

For this look, Mum and I both opted to wear the Adrift Jansi pant (Mum in Opulent and myself in the Checked Floral).

What’s great about these pants is that they are both super comfortable, and versatile too.

I opted to pair mine with the Stevie Top in White, styled off the shoulder, and tucked it in to give the look a more streamlined style.

Because I am quite short, having the shirt tucked in also showed off my waist a little more, and I like to think it made me look a little taller too!

Mum opted to pair her pants with the Ava White top, which has a great feminine style – and is perfect for paring simply over a patterned pant.

PS – how fab does mum look!

Look Two

For look two, we both decided to wear something that defined our individual styles a little more.

I opted for the gorgeous Moniqua Dress in Ornate, which is an absolutely beautiful style of maxi dress.

What I adore most about this dress is how it hangs off the body with it’s relaxed style.

This dress is also constructed from a lovely breathable cotton fabric too, making it ideal for wearing throughout the warmer months. I can guarantee that this dress will be on high rotation this summer!

Mum opted for another pant and shirt combo with the Jansi Pant in Checked Floral and Stevie top in Navy.

This was definitely Mum’s favourite look, as it’s a style that she likes to wear quite often. What she loved most about it was the comfortable, lightweight fabric of the pant, as well as their straight cut shape and fit.

The Stevie Top in Navy can be worn either as an off the shoulder style (as I styled it), or worn above the shoulders to form a great rounded neckline. That’s the beauty of the Adrift brand – their styles can be worn in many ways, depending on you and how you like to wear particular garments!

Look Three

For one of the looks, I wanted it to feature both Mum and I wearing the same outfit – to showcase exactly how you can wear the same sort of styles, no matter your age or size.

Mum and I were both drawn to the Aarna Dress for different reasons. Me – because I liked the way it can be worn loosely, with the sleeves rolled up or down, depending on the occasion. Mum – because of the gathered waist design and shape.

This dress is a great one for warm weather wear, and can be worn in a few different ways depending on the weather and the occasion. Sleeves up, sleeves down, collar up or down, tied at the waist or worn loosely, or even worn unbuttoned over a pair of pants as a lightweight dustier jacket – the options are plentiful!

Look Four

This look features a dress that I know will also be my go-to in summer.

The Sasha dress is just perfect for everyday wear. It’s a sleeveless a-line tiered maxi dress, constructed from an amazing breathable fabric, has a super flattering v neckline and button down feature that can be worn either open or closed.

Get the looks!

Look One

Mum: Ava Top in White & Jansi Pant in Opulent

Me: Stevie Top in WhiteJansi Pant in Checked Floral

Look Two

Mum: Stevie Top in NavyJansi Pant in Checked Floral

Me: Moniqua Dress in Ornate

Look Three

Both Mum & I: Aarna Dress in Pale Blue Stripe

Look Four

Me: Sasha Dress in Blue

Photography by Kaitlin Maree Photography

Thanks to The Island Gold Coast for the incredible photoshoot location