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Over the past few weeks I have shared with you an incredible collaboration with Birdsnest.

Based both online ( and down in Cooma NSW, Birdsnest’s mission is to solve women’s wardrobe dilemmas by providing personalised styling advice, express delivery, styled outfit inspiration, above-and-beyond customer service, no-hassle returns and a vast range of brands and sizes for all body shapes.

Their flagship store in the country town of Cooma in the Snowy Mountains of NSW is NEXT LEVEL in terms of customer service and shopping experience.

However, they’ve recently opened a concept store in the Canberra Centre!

This concept store, which will be in the centre until December this year, stocks the latest fashion, shoes, accessories, lingerie, and gift ranges – and includes eight exclusive in-house labels you won’t find anywhere else.





To say that I was absolutely thrilled to hear that Birdnest was opening up a concept store in the beloved Canberra Centre would be an understatement.

This is a brand that I have been wearing and supporting for quite some time now (and am very thankful to be collaborating with), and I know just how happy many Canberra women are to see their store in our own city!

Whilst the Birdsnest flagship store in Cooma is absolutely beautiful, this concept store in Canberra has really hit the mark in terms of the range available for all ages, shapes and sizes – as well as the aesthetics of the actual store as well.

The store is light, fresh, airy and inviting – and the customer service truly is next level!

birdsnest birdsnest

birdsnest birdsnest

As it’s a pop-up store, the offering on the floor is limited, HOWEVER, customers most certainly are not limited with what’s just in store.

There are thousands of styles to choose from online and Birdsnest will even deliver your pieces to the Canberra Pop-Up ready in the dressing rooms for customer’s arrival.

So essentially, you can be at home in your pyjamas, picking out your looks on the Birdsnest website, have them delivered to the Canberra Centre Pop-Up store and try them on then and there! Then you can purchase what you like. Now isn’t that just the best idea ever?




As amazing as this Canberra Pop-Up is, it’s only temporary, and will be in the Canberra Centre until December this year.

So get your fix now, before it’s too late!

What I absolutely love most about the Birdsnest brand is that they believe that shopping can be therapeutic and through their personal touches and unique online styling advice – they truly do provide true retail therapy for women.

I have absolutely LOVED working with them on this collaboration (as I hope you have too!).

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Birdsnest //Level 1, Canberra Centre (across from Country Road).

Click here to learn more about the Canberra Pop-Up! 

This is the final blog post as part of my collaboration with Birdsnest in which I have shared with you the incredible Birdsnest concept, some of their clothing and accessories range, as well as their new pop-up store in the Canberra Centre!

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